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Vascular Assess

  • 24/7 PICC, Midline and Peripheral IV access
  • Guaranteed success
  • We provide supplies as needed
  • Our services are designed for your needs
  • We serve exclusively or as supplemental staff
  • We use the latest technology in PICC line placement that has resulted to 99 per cent success rate


  • We educate our clients and provide skills check off for nurses as needed
  • We keep our clients updated on the ever-changing policies and practices as mandated by governing agencies, such as The Joint Commission.
  • We conduct in-services for PICC maintenance and care to keep infection rates, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and other problems to near zero percent at your facility.

Consultancy Service

  • We provide expert client-centered consultancy practice on all manner of vascular access
  • We Provide education on vascular access issues to facility nurses and family members
  • We identify and adopts innovative clinical practice models
  • We participate and/or collaborate in the design and conduct of quality improvement initiatives.
  • We provide specialized educational literature on PICC/Midline care
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