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Your facility, like many others, may not have an I.V team and you honestly don’t need one. Let us be your 24/7 dedicated on-call I.V team, doing exactly what your own team would do but saving you thousands of dollars per year paying on a “per PICC” basis and you don’t have to pay an IV nurse or nurses hourly wages, training, benefit package, workers’ comp, or liability issues.

Below are some other reasons why you should use Safe PICC Plus
  • Our nurses specialize in on-site PICC Insertion.
  • We use Ultrasound guidance reducing the risk of DVT and increasing the success of placement.
  • We use Maximum Barrier Precautions and go above and beyond CDC Guidelines.
  • We can provide PICC insertion within five hours of request.
  • We coordinate with an X-ray technologist to be on-hand at completion.
  • Images are visualized at bedside to clear line for use immediately.
  • Our rates are very competitive and actually beat that of others rendering similar services. We guarantee that if any other service provider charges you less, we would adjust and BEAT their rate. In addition, our rates are FLAT. They do not change based on time and day.
  • We are staffed by registered nurses that are highly trained and certified in bedside insertion of PICC and Mid lines
  • Our nurses have at least two years of critical care experience and are ACLS and BLS certified. We are trained in the use of ultrasound and have a company-wide success rate of 99%
  • Our company will assist in ordering, maintenance and care of PICC and Mid lines
We will help educate your staff in the care and maintenance of PICC and Mid lines by way of in-services and easy to read materials.
Get a quote for your facility, call 281-633-6060 or email